How to use Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Grandpa’s an important part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so this guide tells you everything to know about him from feeding to stunning.

Want to learn how to use Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? In this horror game, matches are played between a team of four victims and a team of three family members. However, TCM victims will actually find themselves going up against four Family members, technically. The thing is that one of them is confined to a wheelchair and stays stationary the entire match.

That family member, Grandpa, is actually quite threatening despite the fact that he can’t move or attack. There are several things to keep in mind for both teams when dealing with the character. We bring up just how important Grandpa is in our TCM beginner’s tips, but here’s a more detailed guide to utilizing Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including how to feed, stun, and utilize him in combat.

How to wake Grandpa

Grandpa is asleep at the start of each match. He can always be found in specific areas, but players need to familiarize themselves with the game’s maps to find him easily. Either team can wake him up ahead of time, however, we should note that Grandpa will always become active during the match. Don’t think you can eke out a win without him coming into play.

If a victim opens the door leading out of the basement, the noise will wake Grandpa up. Conversely, if a Family member attempts to feed him while he’s sleeping, that also wakes him up. As soon as this happens, Grandpa will let out an agonized scream. Any Victims that aren’t holding still will briefly have their silhouettes highlighted in yellow, cluing family players to their whereabouts.

How to feed Grandpa

Naturally, Grandpa can grow more dangerous as the match proceeds. Family members will find blood bags scattered around the environments that can be used to collect blood. Additionally, they collect blood whenever they successfully attack a victim. If that victim is killed, a large amount of blood will automatically be collected. Grandpa has multiple levels of his victim echolocation ability and the only way to upgrade it is to feed him enough blood to level up. With each additional level, the cooldown between his uses of this ability shortens.

Naturally, this means that victim players will prefer that Grandpa not level up quite so much. Luckily, there is something they can do. Victims can find bone scraps in bone piles,. all a victim needs to do is have a bone scrap to attack Grandpa with. Be warned that this will alert the rest of the family.

How to avoid Grandpa

After being attacked, Grandpa will be stunned for a short period of time, stopping him from alerting the family to the other team’s whereabouts until he recovers. That being said, Grandpa isn’t necessarily super dangerous until his blood level reaches the maximum point. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tells victim players when Grandpa is about to detect them, but he can usually only do so while they’re moving. If the player holds still after being warned, they won’t have their silhouette show up.

At the max level, Grandpa’s echolocation detects players regardless of movement, so it becomes much more dangerous. It’s worth mentioning that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre won’t let family players rush Grandpa’s level-ups as he can only be fed blood when he’s hungry.

And there you have it. Grandpa is an indispensable tool for the Family in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and a giant thorn in the side of any Victim that’s unfortunate enough to have to deal with him at his most dangerous. Grandpa isn’t the only thing to consider when escaping or securing the Texas Chain Saw Massacre exits, nor is the only family survivors can attack, so find out how to fight back as a victim if you’re planning on settling into the role of one of the game’s teenagers.