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The Thing has turned into a PT inspired horror game you can play now

John Carpenter's The Thing has been turned into a brief but brilliant PT-inspired horror game, which only makes us hope for it to be expanded upon

The Thing has turned into a PT inspired horror game you can play now: an image of the thing pt game

John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of the best scary movies out there, and while it hasn’t been made into a horror game (yet), with the director showing interest in a Dead Space movie of all things, an indie developer has taken it upon themselves to make a short The Thing-inspired PT-style game in the vein of Hideo Kojima’s lost masterpiece, and it’s amazing.

I gave this The Thing PT style game a go and, while incredibly short (and a bit slow), it masterfully builds tension when only using a few rooms, sound effects, and a hell of a reveal. You control McReady, played by Kurt Russell, and while what happens will be of no surprise to anyone that’s seen the 1982 classic, it’s a great little snippet of the film in video game form.

Developed by Stefano Cagnani, the short PT-like game lets you “relive the tense atmosphere of the 1982 film in one of the most terrifying scenes I’ve ever made in Unreal Engine.”

The controls are simple and you don’t actually get to do anything like in Kojima’s PT, but as far as proof of concepts go, this sits at the top of the list. You can see a brief clip of the game below.

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Built in Unreal Engine 4, it’s unclear if this take on John Carpenter’s The Thing will be made into a full horror game right now, but Cagnani does call it a demo, so it is very possible if they choose to expand on the idea.

Originally spotted by GameWatcher, this The Thing PT style demo is available for download on itch.io, and you’ll need WinRar to play it or download it in the itch.io app.

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