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The Turing Test trailer demands you solve the human problem

The Turing Test

Do you have a problem with humans? Is humanity the problem? Well there’s something wrong with humans, at least in The Turing Test, if not the world itself. And the latest trailer for the sci-fi puzzler makes a very clear demand of you: solve this problem. 

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Having played a little of The Turing Test, I can assure you that solving the human problem does not involve murdering them (although that would probably be a quick and easy solution). Instead, it must be overcome by finding the solution to a variety of power-based puzzles. The few I played generally required power to be routed to open the door of a chamber. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, I can guarantee you that. 

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The tone of the trailer is very dramatic, so it looks like the story of The Turing Test could be as strong an asset for it as its puzzles. We all love a bit of AI trouble. 

The Turing Test is part of the Square Enix Collective, a selection of indie games aided by Square, and will release August 30th.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

This is funny because it's clearly a Portal 2-alike, but those spacesuits, man they're antiquated. Really antiquated. Like, museum pieces. And look, windows. Guh. Am I the only one who remembers Cave Johnson being mad at people in the testing initiative for people being stupid about being in space?

I remember him ranting along the lines of: There's no conspiracy, people. There's no windows because we're in space. And having windows in space is stupid. One micrometeor travelling at anything above a snail's pace and BAM, total decompression!

Ah, Portal 2, so ahead of your time. By decades, probably.

I wish things set in the future would stop having obvious windows in space. It just feels like space games are being designed by neo-luddites.