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Ex Elder Scrolls devs are making a huge spiritual sequel to Daggerfall

Spearheaded by two developers from classic Elder Scrolls, a huge new RPG is billed as a spiritual successor to the PC classic Daggerfall.

The Wayward Realms Elder Scroll Daggerfall spiritual sequel: A skeleton monster in Steam RPG game The Wayward Realms

It’s been 13 years since Skyrim. Likewise, The Elder Scrolls 6 likely won’t be here for a while, as our next tour of Tamriel waits in line behind Starfield Shattered Space and who knows what else that Bethesda has up its metaphorical sleeve. The land of jarls, Spriggans, and Septims may feel far away right now, but some legends never die. Led by two developers from the original Elder Scrolls Arena, a sprawling new RPG serves as a spiritual successor to the widely beloved Daggerfall. Coming soon to Kickstarter, PCGamesN gets an exclusive look behind the scenes.

The Wayward Realms is an RPG game in the traditional, fullest sense. Choices matter. Everything is open. And the entire story is driven by player agency. If you push back against the heavily written set ups of Skyrim and Fallout 4, and long for something more flexible and you-defined, The Wayward Realms is striving for that particular CRPG sensibility. Development is led by Ted Peterson, whose credits include Morrowind, Oblivion, and The Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall, and Julian Lefay, who worked primarily on the first two games in Bethesda’s series.

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“We’re working on a spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall,” Peterson says. “The Wayward Realms is a first-of-its-kind grand RPG. Our goal with The Wayward Realms is to restore scope, choice, consequences, and roleplaying to RPGs. We’re returning to classic CRPG design philosophies – deep and complex systems while also pushing new boundaries with the latest technological achievements, courtesy of Unreal Engine 5.”

The Wayward Realms is set in a grounded, semi-realistic, but still fantastical world called the Archipelago. In spring 2024, developer OnceLost Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign – the idea is to raise funds to complete an early-access release of The Wayward Realms before shopping the game to potential publishers.

The early-access launch will allow you to explore a single area of the Archipelago and experiment with the magic, combat, quest, and choice systems. If you contribute to the Kickstarter and join the early-access launch, you will receive a copy of The Wayward Realms once it’s released in full. You can wishlist The Wayward Realms on Steam right here, or check out the Kickstarter here.

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