This new Witcher 3 mod makes relic weapons worth hunting down

“Feel that excitement you’re meant to feel discovering high-tier gear”

The Witcher 3, for everything it does right, has always been a little lacking when it comes to the loot department. “Here is my family’s ancestral sword. Take it Geralt, for you have saved us all,” someone would say. A few levels later, it’s useless and you’re forced to sell it for booze money. No more, says modder Zowbaid. “The Essential Weapon Rework Mod” makes special weapons actually feel special.

“Now, when you find a Relic out in the world, you’ll actually feel that level of excitement you’re meant to feel discovering a high-tier piece of gear in an RPG,” says Zowbaid. Each Relic feels “unique and different” the modder goes on to explain. Some have boosted stats, whereas others are tailored towards specific flavours of Geralt build. It’s not all serious, though, as Zowbaid explains some of them are “just all-out crazy and fun combinations”. Sounds like a good time. Much like this comically large spoon.

Relic weapons, in case you needed a refresher, are those shiny brown-coloured doodads with unique names. The mod also makes changes to the Witcher school weapons, and scales with NG+.

You can find a full list of stat tweaks on the Nexusmods page. It’s not just a work of whimsy, either, as the mod aims to fix several coding errors present in the game. For example, Zowbaid explains that Hjalmar’s Steel Sword was the victim of a typo that seriously nerfed the intended critical hit damage.

Even if you’re not too interested in the details, it’s a fun read. Zowbaid’s utter disdain for the way weapons were handled in the vanilla game shines throughout, and they make some good points, too.

Only time will tell if this one makes it on to our list of best Witcher 3 mods, but carving up Nekkers with some juiced-up gear certainly sounds like an afternoon well spent.