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The Witcher 3 modding just got a whole lot easier with new mod toolkit

Take The Witcher 3 apart and put it back together again with the REDkit suite of modding tools that are finally out for everyone to try.

The Witcher 3 modding just got a whole lot easier with new mod toolkit: The famous Geralt bath scene is being modded, with his leg out of position and the tub being moved.

If you told me that The Witcher 3 is nine years old I simply wouldn’t believe you. Then I would look at the calendar, do math on my fingers, and get extremely cross at the results. To celebrate nearly hitting a decade, developer CD Projekt RED has released an expansive set of tools that should help open up the modscene for The Witcher 3

Wildly celebrated as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, even a decade on, The Witcher 3 has firmly made its mark on PC gaming. In part, the community’s ability to release mods, along with CD Projekt Red’s updates, have kept the game fresh and firmly installed on hard drives across the land. What’s most impressive about these mods, however, is that they were created without an authorized set of modding tools.

That’s all just changed as the game’s developer has just released REDkit, a set of mod tools which include many of the ones used to create the game in the first place. With REDkit, making mods should be both simpler and more flexible, as the game’s systems and areas can now be directly altered. Previously, third party tools were required to create mods, which aren’t without their benefits and capabilities, but REDkit promises to ensure that everything can be done under one roof.

If you’ve ever played a Bethesda game such as Skyrim or Fallout 4, you’ll probably be used to the extensive modding scene that accompanies these titles. These all came about thanks to Bethesda’s repeated releases of various modding tools and an openness for community creations. It is wonderful to see another big developer follow along in this vein, handing control of a game to the community that helped make it a success in the first place. If longevity is your goal as a developer or publisher, you can’t go wrong with letting modders go nuts with your game.

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If you own The Witcher 3 on PC you can download REDkit modding tool now if you want to create your own mods. Head over to the official site to learn how to begin your modding journey and how to install mods..

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