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Turn The Witcher 3 first-person with this camera mod

Witcher 3 fps

Looking for a fresh perspective on CD Projekt’s landmark RPG? Thanks to a special camera mod, you can now turn The Witcher 3 into a first-person RPG, complete with an adjustable field-of-view and working first-person combat.

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First created by modder SkacikPL back in April of last year, the initial release of the mod did not support combat, thus turning Geralt into a sightseer in the lands of Velen and Skellige. The most recent update to this mod has finally added experiment combat support, allowing Geralt to fight against monster and man alike when in first-person mode. First-person horseback riding and combat are not supported via this mod, but they are hoping to be added in a future update.

SkacikPL has also managed to get The Witcher 3’s dialogue tree working in first person, which makes the game feel like the world’s most well-developed Skyrim mod. You aren’t locked into position while chatting either, Geralt can look around the room and completely ignore the person talking to him, should you want to.

There is also a special immersive lighting system in this mod to make everything look authentic while in first-person, and players can toggle a special ‘do not disturb’ mode on while walking around, should they wish to avoid combat encounters. If you want to stay in first-person at all times, you can buy a special ‘Mysterious Monocle’ item in Novigrad which keeps players locked behind Geralt’s eyes as long as they have the monocle in their quick slot.

For more details on the mod as well as a link to download it, check out its Nexus Mods page. Combine this first-person mod with the shields mod, and you can really feel like you’re playing a Bethesda RPG designed by CD Projekt.

Thanks, DSOGaming.