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The Witcher series launches in 96 sleeps’ time, according to adorable Netflix leak

Netflix's Netherlands Facebook and Twitter accounts seem to have unveiled The Witcher series' release date


If two social media posts uploaded yesterday are to be believed, it looks like we might now know exactly when to expect Netflix’s The Witcher series to arrive on our screens. Two posts, seemingly uploaded to Netflix’s Netherlands Twitter and Facebook channels, appear to have revealed that The Witcher series’ release date will be December 17.

As spotted by Redanian Intelligence (via VG24/7), the two posts – now-removed, but with the Twitter one captured in a screenshot by the Witcher series news site – appeared to announce the number of nights’ sleep left to wait for some upcoming titles – among which was The Witcher. The number of nights to wait given in the tweet, posted yesterday, was 97, which makes the release date December 17.

With both posts now removed, it’s not certain whether this is the actual release date. The posts could have been taken down because the information contained in them wasn’t accurate, it was released too soon, or perhaps for another reason.

However, we do know that the series will likely hit our screens sometime later this year, with a launch set for Q4 2019. So, even if it turns out that this exact date isn’t correct, a December release date still sounds about right based on what we know so far.

A rumour recently surfaced that Netflix’s The Witcher series might arrive on November 11, though this was subsequently denied by the streaming service.