Watch the new Witcher 3 dev diary and then a livestream and Q&A


In exactly two weeks, The Witcher 3 will have launched, and CD Projekt Red will finally be able to leave the ruined castle where they’ve been recording their dev diaries. It might be May, but it still looks pretty damp and foggy there. 

Today they’re talking about monsters! How to defeat them through research, combat, magic and traps. A 45 minute livestream is also kicking off later today, at 7pm BST. Watch Geralt set fire to things and slice other things below while you wait.

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CD Projekt Red’s Łukasz “LUq” Wnęk, apparently a Counter-Strike 1.6 “legend”, will be controlling Geralt while Miles Tost, The Witcher 3’s level designer, provides commentary. After they’ve finished playing, there will be a Q&A session with Tost answering questions from the Twitch comments and the GOG community forums.