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Netflix: “The Witcher is tracking to be our biggest season one TV series ever”

The world has clearly clearly tossed a coin to its Netflix

The Witcher’s debut on Netflix has been popular – which will be no surprise to anyone out there drowning in 2020’s abundance of Toss a Coin to Your Witcher covers. Now, Netflix is putting the show’s success in even bigger terms – the company tells investors that the first season is in line to be the biggest debut in the streaming service’s history.

“During December, we also launched The Witcher, which is tracking to be our biggest season one TV series ever,” the company says in its fourth quarter letter to shareholders. “Through its first four weeks of release, 76 million member households chose to watch this action-packed fantasy, starring Henry Cavill.”

We need to precisely define a couple of those terms. For Netflix, ‘household’ means a single account on the service, and ‘watched’ means “chose to watch and did watch for at least two minutes.” So yes, 76 million people watched at least two minutes of the Witcher – but I’ve certainly watched more than two minutes of shows I haven’t finished.

But with Netflix’s own direct comparison against other debuts – which include everything from Stranger Things to Black Mirror – the Witcher’s success is absolutely phenomenal.

It’s certainly driven Witcher player counts – and if you’re diving in for the first time, try some of the best Witcher 3 mods to customise the experience a little more. The joys of PC gaming are yours.