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Free games: Want the Witcher? Play some Gwent

the witcher enhanced edition free games

The Witcher is currently free via GOG, and all you have to do to get it is play some Gwent. Or rather, install Gwent, sign up for a newsletter, and get both the Witcher and a free card keg.

Geralt may be more famous for his most recent adventure, but the original Witcher is no slouch, either – provided you’re able to power through an experience that’s a bit rough around the edges. Geralt’s digital debut is still a fabulous game, filled with all the grim choices and ugly role-playing you could hope for. (I’m honestly not sure I could take another trip through that swamp, though.)

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If you’ve ever installed Gwent (it’s free, and you can grab it here), you can hit the sign-up page to claim your reward. Doing so will add a free Gwent Card Keg to your library, and will make the Witcher: Enhanced Edition free on its store page, allowing you to either claim the game for yourself or gift it to a friend.