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Style your AMD or Intel CPU how you like with Thermaltake’s new cooler

With a 2.1-inch LCD screen on its waterblock, the new Thermaltake V2 Ultra EX ARGB Sync AIO cooler can show whatever you like on your CPU.

Thermaltake TH Ultra EX AIO CPU cooler with LCD

Thermaltake has just announced a new AIO cooler that includes an LCD right on top of the waterblock/pump unit. Of course, the new Thermaltake V2 Ultra EX ARGB Sync is far from the first AIO cooler to do this, nor is it even the first version from Thermaltake, but it is a great-looking version of the idea, and these coolers are apparently “budget-friendly” as well.

Despite this, the LCD on this new Thermaltake AIO cooler packs an impressively high resolution for the size of this screen, with 480 x 480 pixels. That’ll mean the glorious image of your visage, or whatever else you choose to adorn your CPU, will look clear and crisp. If the price is right, and the cooling is also good, this cooler could land a place on our best CPU cooler guide.

The new range of coolers, which includes 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, and 420mm variants, includes quite the premium feature list for a supposedly budget-friendly option. Along with the LCDs, these coolers include Thermaltake’s latest daisy-chainable MagForce 2.0 magnetic fans, which means you only need one fan cable to power all two or three of the system’s fans. The fans are also ARGB enabled, so you can color-coordinate your light show to match what’s on your screen.

As well as showing whatever image or video you like on the LCD screen, you can also set it to sync up with Thermaltake’s software to offer readouts of the time, weather, or component information.

thermaltake th ultra ex aio cpu cooler with lcd 05

Thermaltake is claiming some impressive airflow and noise ratings for these fans too. The 120mm fans (CT120 EX ARGB Sync) provide 68 CFM of airflow, with 2.95 mm-H2O static pressure, all while maintaining a 28.5dB noise level. Meanwhile, the 140mm fans (CT140 EX ARGB Sync) provide 90.3 CFM of airflow with 3.07mm-H2O static pressure, while maintaining a 30.7dB noise level.

The radiators, which are 27mm thick, have also been enhanced with a thicker 20mm copper chamber. Meanwhile, the waterblock is compatible with all recent AMD and Intel CPUs, with support for AMD AM4 and AM5 sockets, as well as Intel LGA1700 and much more – though there’s been no sneaky accidental mention of Intel’s upcoming LGA1851 socket for its Meteor Lake-PS and Arrow Lake chips.

Thermaltake hasn’t declared a price or availability time scale for these AIO coolers yet, but despite Thermaltake’s promise of them being budget-friendly, we suspect they’ll be quite pricey compared to coolers without LCDs. Thermaltake’s existing TH240 Ultra – the smallest, cheapest of the range – goes for $135, so we expect the Ultra EX prices to start at a similar level.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to build a gaming PC that needs to keep a high-end CPU cool, check out our full guide to the best AIO cooler, where we take you through all the best options at a range of prices.