This War of Mine gets Steam Workshop support; more modding tools on the way

This War of Mine mods

This War of Mine makes me feel terrible. About the world. About myself. About the choices I might make in awful, harrowing situations. It’s a monstrous machine that harvests sorrow. It’s pretty great. And it just got a big, somewhat surprising, update focused on user-created stories. 

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The scenarios that you can create for yourself can now be shared on the Steam Workshop, and the scenario editor itself has been expanded with more characters, more pawns with which you can create horrifying tales.

Titled “New Beginning” the update is just the start of 11 Bit Studios’ plans. They’re developing more modding tools and there will be “lots of new possibilities to make new stories,” according to the update announcement.

The mods have already started appearing, and at the top of the list we’ve got a familiar face.

This War of Mine is also on sale at the moment, and you can get it for 60% off until Friday.