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Ex Dishonored and Deathloop dev drops demo for new Steam horror game

From a developer on Deathloop, Dishonored, and Crysis 4 comes Threshold, a short survival horror game with a free Steam demo out right now.

Threshold Steam demo: a loy poly man in a flat cap

With games like Blade, Deathloop, Dishonored, and Crysis 4 under their belt, this storied developer just released a demo for their short, low-poly horror game Threshold. It’ll make you anxious, it’ll entrance you in its visuals, and best of all it’s available on Steam right now.

Threshold comes from former Arkane developer Julien Eveillé, who worked on games like Deathloop and Dishonored before moving to Crytek to develop Crysis 4. A low-poly survival horror game about the upkeep of an infinitely long train moving between two borders, it’s an uneasy and engrossing experience.

Atop one of the highest mountains around, you can’t speak to save oxygen. Instead, you and your co-worker Mo communicate via written notes, biting down on rusted air canisters to replenish air before passing out. You need to keep the train running no matter what, and who knows what’s going to try and stop you?

You also pick between several origin countries before starting, and this decision along with what you do during the game determines the ending. Even though it’s a spooky game about train maintenance, I loved the Threshold demo. It’s simple and short, sure, but the vibes are immaculate.

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Threshold’s demo is an exercise in atmosphere more than anything else. The short 10-minute runtime is baked in an eerie uneasiness, where a never-ending train and the sounds of metal clanking against tracks ring in your ears.

If you love the environments of early Resident Evil and Silent Hill, with their low-poly visuals serving the otherwordly nature of the story they’re telling, Threshold is for you.

Threshold doesn’t yet have a release date, but you can play the demo right here.

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