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Soulslike Thymesia final boss beaten without taking a single hit

Elden Ring and Dark Souls-inspired RPG Thymesia has had its toughest challenge beaten without the player taking a single hit, after less than a week on Steam

Soullike Thymesia final boss beaten without taking a single hit: Main protagonist stands facing towards the camera, wearing a meta plague-doctor mask and holding a sword

Unbelievably – or not, knowing the type of people who thrive on these challenges – the final boss Dark Souls ad Elden Ring-inspired RPG Thymesia has been beaten without the player taking a single point of damage. With the game itself only having been released on Steam six days ago, YouTuber and serial no-hit aficionado Ongbal has taken on the toughest fight the game has to offer and walked away without a scratch.

Thymesia is a self-professed Soulslike; a third-person story-driven combat game that tests the reflexes, and patience, of its players. Much like the Dark Souls games that came before it, and no doubt the many imitators that will come in the future, the experience is designed to be challenging; frame-perfect parry timings and brutal counter-strikes are what is required to simply exist in this universe, which is saying nothing about the many bosses you’ll encounter along the way.

Ongbal has built a reputation for being able to parry anything, their YouTube channel filled with ultra-hard boss attempts, and even a 17 boss no-hit run on Sekiro – which, I’m not sure if you know, is difficult. With that reputation, it probably comes as no surprise at the time it’s taken them to master Thymesia. I’ll post the video below. Spoiler warning for the ending of Thymesia, if you care about that kind of stuff.

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The final challenge of Thymesia would see you face off against yourself, the true test of any warrior (unless it’s the Mimic Tear in Elden Ring — just get naked for that fight and you’re golden). The timing of the blocks is particularly impressive here, as the boss attacks with some speed. All in all, it takes less than 2 minutes to defeat the doppelganger and wrap up the story of Thymesia. I wonder what’s next on Ongbal’s no-hit list?

The plague-ridden Thymesia has infected the Steam charts since its release, proving to be quite the indie hit. If you’ve got that itch for souls, here are the best games like Dark Souls for PC. If that itch continues though, please see someone, there’s been too much talk of the plague in this article.