Bloodborne-inspired Thymesia has infected the Steam charts

A Bloodborne-inspired indie called Thymesia is storming the Steam top sellers charts and taking on the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

Bloodborne-inspired Thymesia: Corvus, wearing a black leather cloak, swings a glowing green scythe at a monstrous ogre preparing to clobber him with its left arm

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that something as clearly Bloodborne-inspired as Thymesia is a hit on Steam. The Soulslike game from Taiwanese studio OverBorder launched August 18 on Steam, and players have been eagerly jumping into its plague-infested streets, sending Thymesia into the upper rafters of the Steam top sellers chart.

Thymesia takes more than a few cues from FromSoftware’s PlayStation exclusive – its setting is a dark fantasy Victorian world where death has spread through the practice of alchemy and driven the kingdom’s inhabitants to madness.

As Corvus, you’ll have to wield special weapons powered by the very plagues that infect the lands. As his name suggests, he’s got some raven powers to bring to bear, which allow him to interrupt enemy attacks and perform surgical executions.

Combat is brutal, and you’ll need reflexes as sharp as Sekiro’s blade to overcome the savage duels Thymesia has hidden in its shadowy alleyways and caverns. Fortunately, you’ll also be able to upgrade Corvus’ moves and equipment, becoming deadlier as you progress.

Thymesia is available on Steam for 10% off its list price, putting it at $22.49 / £17.99 for its launch week. The sale ends August 25.