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One of the best Diablo 4 rivals suddenly looks better than ever

Diablo rival Titan Quest 2 marks the return of the Greek mythology inspired ARPG, and dev Grimlore Games describes handcrafting its world.

Diablo rival Titan Quest 2 returns to Greek mythology - A hooded figure inspects a glowing thread held between their fingertips.

With the huge success of Last Epoch, and also Path of Exile 2, the genre champion that’s still swinging for the fences, there’s no shortage of big rivals to Diablo 4. One of the most exciting is Titan Quest 2, which brings back the excellent mythological ARPG in a brand-new form. Calling you to merge dual masteries and bring the fight to Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution (back in your seats, Hades 2 fans), Titan Quest 2 is looking nothing short of spectacular so far.

While Titan Quest 2 might not be the first name on everyone’s lips when they think of the biggest rivals to Blizzard’s genre-defining ARPG series, perhaps it should be. Its predecessor remains one of the best games like Diablo to grace the PC. Indeed, the remastered, overhauled anniversary edition of the original Titan Quest retains a majestic 91% positive Steam review score, proving the continued love for its smart design, replayability, and stunning use of Greek mythology.

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“In order to create an experience worthy of the original, the world of Titan Quest 2 is being handcrafted from the ground up,” developer Grimlore Games explains. That’s somewhat of a deviation from the ARPG standard, perhaps, but the goal is to create more memorable locations. The new game will include everything from stately temples to the lairs of mythological beasts – look forward to tackling the likes of gryphons and hippokampi as you adventure.

These spaces aim to be more than just fight arenas, too. “Our roaming areas are tailored towards freedom of exploration, environmental interaction, verticality, and uncovering secrets,” Grimlore says. You’ll need to keep watch for hidden paths, breakable environments, and ledges to leap to if you want to discover every secret.

Titan Quest 2 - The player approaches a huge stone temple built into a cliff face, standing adjacent to a huge network of waterfalls.

Of course, Titan Quest would be nothing without its use of mythology, and so goes its sequel. “A ruined shrine with a mysterious riddle could be an opportunity to win the favor of a god, while a relic of the Titans might be hidden underground, waiting to turn the unsuspecting into monsters,” Grimlore teases. “Attention to detail is key to ensuring that all these locations contribute to the end goal of crafting a world worthy of myth and legend.”

Titan Quest 2 is coming soon to Steam. There’s currently no set launch date, but you can add it to your wishlist if you want to be notified when it releases.

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