Titanfall 2 will release roughly three weeks from Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2

We already knew Titanfall 2 was planned to launch some time close to Battlefield 1, but that window has now been narrowed down even more by EA’s chief financial officer. 

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During the 2016 edition of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology Conference, EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen revealed a rough release window for Respawn’s mech-stomping shooter sequel, Titanfall 2.

According to DualShockers,Jorgensen mentioned that it’ll come out “roughly three weeks from Battlefield 1”.

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21, so Titanfall 2 will release between the end of September and mid November.

EA already said both games would release in the same quarter – a period that runs from October to December – but now we can chop that window in half.

There’s been a lot of chat surrounding the news, with some people saying they’re unwilling to buy both shooters – especially with Call of Duty also battling for the attention of gamers just a little later – but EA have said previously they’re not concerned about their shooters competing with each other, as they’ll cater to different tastes.

Which, if any, will you be grabbing?