Tokyo 42’s multiplayer trailer shows off neon-soaked social stealth and fast-paced shootouts

Tokyo 42 combat

Tokyo 42 is a stylish sandbox game about assassination. We’ve seen how it blends stealth and action in previous trailers, but this latest video shows how that translates into multiplayer – bloody well, by the looks of it. 

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If you’ve ever played an Assassin’s Creed game online, you’ll have the right idea. You spawn in with a random skin and can blend in with the AI. Do your best to act like an NPC and you might pull off the perfect hit on your rival players.

Of course, there are tools you can use to flush hiding players out, such as a sniffer cat. Once you’re convinced you have the target in your sites, blow them away. But be careful, ammo will be limited. Watch someone called Alex get killed over and over in the trailer above.

You’ll be able to fight with sniper rifles, energy shields, katanas, miniguns, rocket launchers and more. It’s isometric insanity once things are popping off.

Tokyo 42’s multiplayer ships with five maps: Market, Tears, Autoshow, Looks Like a Quadcopter, and HRBRT. It releases on May 31.