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You’ll be able to play The Division 2 solo, all the way into the endgame

tom clancys the division 2 single player

The Division 2, like its predecessor, will be set in a multiplayer world with plenty of emphasis on cooperative play and group content – bolstered the addition of big new features like raids. But that doesn’t mean single-player is going out the window. In fact, Ubisoft plans to make most of the content soloable, from the main campaign to the more challenging endgame missions.

“You can play through the entire story campaign into endgame and [then the] endgame [content], alone,” says game director Mathias Karlson. “[But] you can also do the same content [in] two, three, or four player co-op. Or eight player co-op, two full groups in the raid if you opt into the challenge that we’re adding. So it’s very important for us that you get to pick.”

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It’s not entirely clear whether that extends as far as the raids themselves based on Karlson’s wording, but it certainly suggests that the whole campaign and most of the end-game content will be playable solo. It sounds like a Destiny-esque model, where everything is playable solo or with friends, but there may be some ultra-difficult challenges at the end designed for group play.

Karlson tells AusGamers that “many people at the office are, like, ‘that’s cool, I like it in certain activities. But I want to have the bulk of the experience alone when I’m out exploring’. So there’s no right or wrong.” That idea that there’s no right or wrong way to play is a “core principle” for The Division 2.

Karlson also hints that we should expect some major improvements for the Dark Zone. “We are going to get you a revamped Dark Zone experience, I can say that much. Really building on what we talked about before: the learnings of running it live and that very unique atmosphere, and essence of what the Dark Zone is. But transferred into gameplay.”

Ubisoft has left plenty of details fuzzy, so there’s a lot more to learn as we head toward The Division 2 release date. At least you know your friends’ schedules won’t be holding back those play sessions too much.