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The Division 2 will have eight-player raids

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Ubisoft announced today that The Division 2 will get raids, adding more in-depth late-game content for players of the tactical post-apocalypse game.

One of the biggest complaints of the first game was paid DLC and a lack of endgame content, which admittedly Ubisoft  worked hard to alleviate, so it’s great to see that raids will feature in The Division 2.

Here’s what the official Ubisoft site has to say on raids: “in a first for the franchise, eight-player raids will make their way to The Division 2. These challenging missions will test the skill, communication, and teamwork of even the most expert Agents.”

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Eight-player raids looks to be the only detail we’re getting for now, but it’s a juicy one and tells us that Ubisoft are taking raids seriously with a raised squad count. The late game content offerings will also be filled out with a “wealth of PvP experiences,” including a “fully revamped” take on the Dark Zone.

Progress in the late-game will take on additional meaning thanks to the new Specialization system, letting you choose a path like sharpshooter, demolitionist, or survivalist, unlocking unique progress paths once you’ve reached the level cap of 30.

Check out our dedicated guide to get caught up on all the news so far, including The Division 2 release date – currently slated for early next year.