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The Division 2 brand sets guide: list of all brands and bonuses

Make your build even more powerful by picking the right brand sets in The Division 2 - here are all the brands and bonuses

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The Division 2 Brand sets are a new feature and apply to all armour pieces that you pick up as you battle across post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C. Every one of the six forms of armour you can carry in The Division 2 has a brand – think Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but with a Tom Clancy lick of paint – and if you stack items of the same brand together you’ll earn a brand set bonus.

These bonuses max out at three items, so with six slots and with 16 different The Division 2 brands (plus two we haven’t spotted in-game ourselves yet) there’s a lot of mixing and matching you can do to ensure your gear and style of play are in sync. For example, you could carry six items all from different brands for well-rounded build, or you could max out two brand sets that compliment one another for a more specialised character.

It’s important to note that while similar, brand sets are not the same as The Division 2 gear sets, which are tied heavily to the endgame. We fully expect gear sets to make a return, but brand sets provide players with a way of refining their character build from the get-go. There are 18 brand sets at the time of writing.

Here are all The Division 2 brand sets and bonuses revealed so far:

  • Murakami Industries
    +8 health, +10% hazard protection, +15% Firefly skill power
  • Airaldi Holdings
    +10% accuracy, +10% headshot damage, +10% MMR damage
  • Alps Summit Armament
    +10% cooldown reduction, +5% skill power, 15% Hive skill power
  • China Light Industries Corporation
    +10% explosives damage, +10% shotgun damage, +10% cooldown reduction
  • Douglas & Harding
    +5% accuracy, +10.0% critical hit damage, +7% critical hit chance
  • Overlord Armaments
    +10% rifle damage, +7.5% total armor, +7% damage to elites
  • Petrov Defense Group
    +10% LMG damage, +15% Turret skill power, +10% cooldown reduction
  • Providence Defense
    +10% skill power, +8% health, +5% weapon damage
  • Richter & Kaiser GmbH
    +10% hazard protection, +20% pistol damage, +15% Shield skill power
  • Sokolov Concern
    +10% SMG damage, +8% critical hit damage, +15% Seeker skill power
  • Yaahl Gear
    +10% weapon handling, +8% hazard protection, +5% weapon damage
  • Wyvern Wear
    +7% critical hit damage, +15% Drone skill power, +10% critical hit chance
  • Gila Guard
    +5% total armor, +20% hazard protection, +15% Pulse skill power
  • Fenris Group AB
    +10% assault rifle damage, +10% protection from elites, +20% health on kill
  • Badger Tuff
    +7% damage to elites, +15% armor on kill, 15% Chem Launcher skill power
  • 5.11 Tactical
    5% protection from elites, 10% extra incoming healing, +10% weapon handling
  • Česká Výroba s.r.o. (unconfirmed)
    +10.0% health on kill, +10.0% shotgun damage, +15.0% health
  • Golan Gear (unconfirmed)
    +10% hazard protection, +10% protection from elites, +8% total armor

To give you a rough idea of how you can mix these brand sets together, you could create a powerful headshot crit build by equipping three gear pieces from the Airaldi Holdings brand, two pieces from Wyvern Wear, and one Douglas & Harding piece of armour. With the right marksman rifle and good aim you’ll decimate foes with ease.

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The neat thing about The Division 2 brand sets is how flexible they are, and if Ubisoft adds another brand set it could have huge ramification on the potential builds available to players.

If you’re looking for more information ahead of The Division 2 release date then check out our suite of guides, such as details on the True Sons, The Division 2 Hyenas, or Outcasts faction, or a breakdown of the new The Division 2 Specializations.

We will update this list of brand sets and bonuses when we learn of new brands or balancing changes, so you can be sure what’s listed above is accurate and up to date.

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