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Division developers Massive are reportedly working on a battle royale

the division battle royale massive

Based on the astronomical success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, the gaming community at large has assumed that pretty much everyone will soon be working on battle royale game or mode. Now reports are cropping up that Massive Entertainment – the Ubisoft-owned studio behind The Division – may be working on one of their own.

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The rumour comes via Gamereactor, who cite an anonymous source in saying that Massive are doing the battle royale dance. They say Ubisoft commissioned the studio to look into the game type back in January, and Massive reported back that “they could cook up something fun in a pretty short amount of time,” especially building off of what they have with The Division. It’s not clear whether that means a new mode for the Tom Clancy shooter, or an entirely new game.

It’s not the first time we’d heard about the game type in connection with The Division. The Survival DLCwhich launched over a year ago had many of the building blocks of a solid battle royale mode. Ubisoft sent out a survey not long after gauging player interest in a last man standing version of Survival, which would have already been a battle royale mode well before PUBG became a hit.

Take this all with a grain of salt, since we’re entirely in the rumour stages here. But Massive either working on a battle royale mode or leveraging their expertise in a new game of that type would make plenty of sense. We do know that The Division 2 is set to be unveiled at E3 this year, so we’ll have a pretty good idea of what Massive are working on soon.