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Topic of the Week: What do you look for in a port?

Evil Within

Ports. The latest generation of consoles were meant to make porting to the PC easier thanks to their PC-like architecture. Recently however, the latest and upcoming ports to the PC have left people blindsided and confused about unusually high system requirements; only for their claims to be largely baseless.

In this weeks Topic of the Week we ask you: what does a port need to be considered a success? Is simple parity with the console version enough, or does it need to fill bigger boots and take advantage of the PCs added horsepower?

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For me, It’s quite simple.

Give me the ability to run my native resolution: 1080p is the minimum, but I want to see more. Provide as many graphical options as possible: the more I can tailor how a game runs for my unique system, the better. Don’t limit my FPS to anything below 60: nearly every monitor these days can achieve a 60hz refresh rate.

But more than anything: don’t be afraid to take a little more time with it. We’re mostly patient folk, and we’d rather wait a couple more months to get a better experience that’s at least at parity with the console versions. And remember, most of us PC folk are tech savvy: if you throw us an excuse as to why your port is bad, we’ll see straight through it. Don’t do it, it makes you look silly.

Now that rant is over, it’s over to you guys. What do you look for in a port?