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Topic of the Week: What do you want from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate?

Topic of the Week: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Ubisoft pulled back the curtain, today, unveiling a glimpse of this year’s Assassin’s Creed offering, Syndicate. We got a little slice of a grotty Victorian London and a bunch of murders, but there’s still plenty of room for speculation and hopeful wishing. 

That leads us to our Topic of the Week. We’d like to know what you want from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. No awful eavesdropping quests? A story that isn’t crap? More elaborate assassination missions? Let us know in the comments. 

I’ll get the ball rolling. 

Today’s wee bite of Syndicate has left me a little bit optimistic. Ubisoft Quebec has given combat and traversal a rethink, and while it’s just window dressing for the traditional Assassin’s Creed trope of taking over territory, I do like the concept of taking over gangs, which brings to mind Saints Row. 

All the examples I wrote in the second paragraph are things I obviously want, but there are a few more. 

We already knew that carriages were going to be a feature of Syndicate, but we properly got to see them in action today. The pre-alpha footage looked fine, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t feel like we’re basically driving very slow cars. I want them to almost topple over as they careen around corners, I want to see crowds of people panicking as they try to get out of the way of this runaway carriage, and I want fights atop them to be tense balancing acts.

Really, I want Ubisoft Quebec to make me as excited about riding around in a carriage as I was when sailing around in a boat in Black Flag and Rogue. It’s a tall order. 

Can we maybe be reminded that it’s a sci-fi game, too? I adore all the historical detail that the series has been full off, but the sci-fi stuff could be just as great. I don’t really care all that much about Abstergo or what’s going on in the 21st Century, but I would like to see more of the sci-fi elements bleed into the core game. 

Okay, that’s enough from me. What about you lovely lot? What do you want from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate?

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bload Avatar
2 Years ago

"What do you want from Assassin's Creed?"

How about a finished product that runs at acceptable frame rates and is not a horrendous console port....*sighs at ubisoft*

Yogen Avatar
2 Years ago

19th Century. What comes to mind first is the incredible rise of the industrial working class in England. This was the center of Marx's study of political economy and the foundation for his work Das Kapital. I would like to see Ubi really explore the rise of this new historical class and, hopefully, see a truthful and vibrant depiction of its world. Of course, it would also be great to see this juxtaposed next to the decay of the aristocracy which was embodied in the stultifying Victorian code of morality (which seems to be making a come back over at Polygon, btw).

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

I played the first 2 games to completion (including all the feathers) along with Brotherhood, Revelations and ACIII, but since then the series has felt like its getting weaker. It was a novel idea originally, making the Assassins the good guys against the Templars, however over the episodes they've now been filling up the gap, making no right side to be on, just a choice (betting that within the next 2 games post syndicate there'll be a game where your decisions effect whether your an Assassin or a Templar).

Black Flag I played the story, but nothing more, as I never felt the urge to invest the hours, instead just hitting the point where it feels more like a re-package of the same game. After the terrible bugs of Unity I never even picked it up (I probably should now that those are fixed, but it still just looks like a repack).

This game however, seams like it'll be a must for me. As a Brit the location alone has enticed me into the story. But as for your question as to what I want from it? Just not too many corny accents xD Other than that all I can do is quote the announcement trailer, "I say it's time for a new berth". Lets hope they really are changing up the series with the roads & carts as much as they say :)

Richie Shoemaker Avatar
2 Years ago

I'd like to see a 2016 release date, to allow some of us to catch up.

Esivo Avatar
2 Years ago

I don't want AC: Syndicate. Ezio's trilogy was enough. And if that wasn't enough for some, we have like 6 other AC games. Time to put a stop to it.