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Free Diablo rival sees big uptick on Steam as anniversary update lands

Free Steam game Torchlight Infinite sees huge player count boost as the Whispering Mist seasonal update arrives on its one year anniversary.

Torchlight Infinite Whispering Mist update sees the free Steam game surge in players - Cateye Erika, a pretty woman with golden eyes that have catlike pupils, in her new 'Lightning Shadow' form.

With Diablo 4 Season 4 still a little further out, yet another ARPG is seeing a resurgence as it celebrates its one year anniversary. Free Steam game Torchlight Infinite just launched its new season, Whispering Mist, and it might be just the thing if you’re someone looking for an approachable action RPG with enough depth to keep you entertained but without diving into Path of Exile levels of complexity. If you’ve had your fill of Last Epoch’s first season and aren’t ready to jump into the early access for No Rest for the Wicked, now’s a great time to join the thousands of players jumping into Torchlight Infinite on Steam.

Torchlight Infinite, for my money at least, does a better job of straddling the gap between mobile and PC RPG games than Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal, feeling like a more substantial game with lots of build variety at your disposal. It might not offer the long-term depth of some other ARPGs, but there’s plenty to enjoy here, and with an entry cost of free it could be the perfect way to fill a gap in your gaming calendar – and maybe you’ll even find yourself sticking around beyond that.

As it celebrates its one-year anniversary, the new season, titled Torchlight Infinite Whispering Mist, has just begun. The update packs in a Cthulhu-style horror tale as our adventurers explore the haunted city of Mistville, taking on commissions and investigating evidence for the local detective agency. Elsewhere, a deadly competition known as the Divine Might Trials has also arrived to transform the endgame progression, along with new multiplayer modes.

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On the character side of things, there’s a new Ember tech-infused side to Cateye Erika, who can now specialize into becoming ‘Lightning Shadow’ Erika to take advantage of powerful shock attacks in a high-mobility build that lets you zoom around the battlefield while damaging all nearby foes. If you enjoy Diablo’s conduit shrine that turns you into a lightning storm of death, this new skill set allows you to create a full build in that style.

Several quality-of-life updates have also been rolled out, including a streamlined main story progression, adjustments to the skill bar with a rework to passive skill slots, improved filters, a more comprehensive guide to help you learn the game’s systems, and gear balance changes aimed at smoothing out the balance across all levels of play.

Torchlight Infinite’s new season, Whispering Mist, has now begun as of Thursday April 18. If you’re eager to jump in yourself, you won’t be alone – the game’s concurrent player count on Steam has leapt up to nearly 10,000 players with the new update, meaning now is a great time to see whether it’s up your alley. There’s also an ongoing anniversary event, with a wealth of bonus login rewards to claim right now.

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