Total War: Arena patch 10 incentivises defense and makes battles more deadly

Total War: Arena

Earlier in the month we discovered that Total War: Arena, Creative Assembly’s online team-based MOBA-like, was surprisingly really quite good. Tim found out it was “World of Tanks with legs”, rather than a more traditional lane pushin’, fountain spawnin’ game. It’s received regular updates since then and the latest, Patch 10, brings some big changes.

Arena is still in closed Alpha, but you lucky readers have a chance to grab a key with our still-running competition. 2000 keys are up for grabs, so go get involved if you’re interested. If you miss the deadline on that or want to re-up your chances, you can also sign up on the official site. Reports are that keys go out fairly regularly, so you probably won’t be waiting long.

I kinda want to get into this. I’m a fan of MOBAs and RTSs, and this seems to be straddling the line quite effectively. Total War’s an odd fit for it, but the battle engine certainly already had all the building blocks it needed. This era of history is as perfect a fit for territory control style play as it is for the grand strategy origin too. Who out there has been playing it, and what do you think?