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Total War Pharaoh gets much bigger with huge free update

This new Total War Pharaoh update promises to rework the game's campaign mode while adding a batch of new content players have asked for.

Total War Pharaoh gets much bigger with huge free update: A Pharaoh stands among desert sands and looks out.

When the Sea Peoples are raiding your coastlines and civil wars are cropping up everywhere you look, Total War: Pharaoh can be a balancing act to try and navigate your faction through. That’s all before you have to deal with religion, handling your court, all the while keeping to the traditions of your ancestors. If that wasn’t enough on your plate, the newly announced update incoming for the game will introduce even more to keep your Egyptian eyes on.

One of the high points of this 2023 entry in the Total War series was its campaign, trying to keep your faction strong as you maneuver your way to a victory while disasters inches ever closer. It lent Total War: Pharaoh a tight, tense edge, setting it apart from the rest of the series and the many other strategy games out there. That controlled approach to its formula hasn’t changed despite the addition of new factions to the game in previous updates, as well as a slathering of gore in its Blood and Sand DLC.

Today, developer Creative Assembly has announced a brand new update for the game, adding a ton of new player-requested content as well as expanding upon some of the potentially weaker parts of the game. Four new cultures will be added, bringing Babylon, Assyria, Mycenae, and Troy to the battlefield, all fully playable.

A siege in the desert sands of Total War Pharaoh.

This expansion will see 70 reworked units first seen in A Total War Saga: Troy enter the game for the Mycenae and Troy factions, along with 80 new units for Babylon and Assyria. To accommodate these new factions the lands of Mesopotamia and Aegea will also slide into the game, increasing the overall size of the campaign map and giving you a whole new swathe of land to tussle over.

Campaigns themselves will also see some changes, with the introduction of a new Dynasty system which will determine the legacy you leave behind after your faction leader ends their visit on this mortal plane. Sounding similar to systems in games like the Crusader Kings series, it’ll add an extra layer of having to handle mortality and succession to your plans.

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You can check out the full announcement over on the Total War site. Should you wish to head back to the sands and begin a new game, our guide to Total War: Pharaoh leaders will have you choosing the right boss for your faction. If instead you crave more from the genre, our grand strategy games guide will see you become the strategos of your dreams.

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