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Total War Pharaoh has fewer players than a TW game from ten years ago

Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews put Creative Assembly’s strategy sim at ‘mixed,’ while the TW Pharaoh player count falls below Total War Rome 2 from 2013.

Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews: A leader from strategy game Total War Pharaoh

Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews mean the new Creative Assembly strategy sim is officially rated as ‘mixed,’ while recent player count numbers fail to match other, older games in the series, including Total War Warhammer 3, and Total War Rome 2, which was released in September 2013. Despite its recent launch, fewer than 5,000 people have played Total War Pharaoh during the past 24 hours, as users criticize the game for its interface and for being “bland.”

Our own Total War Pharaoh review identifies some issues in Creative Assembly and Sega’s new strategy game, but also offers analysis on how it advances and improves the series that first began with Shogun Total War back in 2000. Despite some positive steps, Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews offer the game a ‘mixed’ rating while it also struggles to surpass predecessors in terms of concurrent player numbers.

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As of this writing, roughly 63% of Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews are positive. Steam reviews for Total War Saga Troy, the previous game in the series, are around 72% positive, similar to Total War Three Kingdoms from 2019. This means Pharaoh has an overall ‘mixed’ rating on Steam, as players cite a variety of issues.

“Total War has, as a brand, run out of steam,” one player writes. “Pharaoh is bland, repetitive, safe, boring. It is as wide as a stream and as shallow as a puddle. This goes for both gameplay and setting.” “This is Troy with a few additions,” another player writes. “What is happening with Total War games? They seem to have lost all feeling, just boring.”

Released on Wednesday, October 12, in the last 24 hours, Total War Pharaoh has attracted 4,701 players, and – as of this writing – has 2,648 players currently in-game.

In the same 24-hour period, Total War Rome 2, released more than ten years ago, in September 2013, has attracted 6,250, and right now has 3,117 people currently playing. Despite a slightly lower number of positive Steam reviews, Total War Warhammer 3’s 24-hour concurrent player count is 18,192.

Total War Pharaoh Steam reviews: A comparison of player numbers for strategy games Total War Pharaoh, Total War Rome 2, and Total War Warhammer 3

In terms of all-time records, Total War Rome 2’s highest-ever player count is 118,240. Warhammer 3 is even higher at 166,754, while Three Kingdoms stands at a mighty 192,298. Pharaoh’s highest player count since launch is 5,424, according to figures from SteamDB.

If you want to try Creative Assembly’s latest for yourself, we have a full guide on Total War Pharaoh leaders, and who to choose to best suit your strategy. Alternatively, do some recon on all the Total War Pharaoh factions, so you know who you’re up against.