Cleopatra is coming free to Total War: Rome 2, but the armoured camels will cost you


Surprise! It seems last November’s Empire Divided DLC was only the beginning of Creative Assembly’s resumption of support for Total War: Rome II, as they’ve just announced a new culture pack: Desert Kingdoms.

How is Rome 2’s new lease on life? Here are our hands-on impressions of the Empire Divided DLC.

The latest DLC for a game which turns five this year will add four new playable factions, each with unique rosters, new building chains, and new tech trees. As the trailer (above) indicates, the titular kingdoms are Nabatea, Kush, Masaesyli, and Saba, who look like they’re bringing armoured camels to the party.

Armoured camels

The culture pack will release on March 8 alongside a free update, which will add new female leaders and generals to all campaigns and factions. Highlights include Teuta, queen regent of an Illyrian tribe, and Cleopatra, who needs no introduction.

As is tradition with Creative Assembly, there’s a 10% discount off its usual price of £6.99 ($8.99) if you pre-order the DLC before its release date. You can do that on Steam here. For more information, check out the announcement blog.