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Total War Lord of the Rings mod is the Tolkien RTS we’ve always wanted

Total War Lord of the Rings mod is a total conversion of Rome Remastered, finally bringing to PC the perfect, full Tolkien RTS we’ve always wanted

Total War Mod Lord of the Rings

Total War Lord of the Rings mod – words we’ve been waiting to hear, and write, ever since we first left the cinema after Fellowship of the Ring all the way back in 2001. And now it’s finally here, the perfect Tolkien RTS we’ve always dreamed of, available now, for free. Let’s remain calm and break it down.

Firstly, this is a total conversion mod for Total War: Rome Remastered, so you’re going to need a copy of that, which you can pick up on Steam. Secondly, it transforms and changes everything. There’s a complete map of Middle Earth including Minas Tirith, Helm’s Deep, Osgiliath, and even lesser-known locations like Bree. Historical battles have been overhauled so that you can pick and choose all the classic clashes from LOTR lore, like the last alliance, and there’s even a free people’s campaign where you have to fight your way across the map from Hobbiton to Mordor, protecting Frodo so he can destroy the ring.

Members of the original Fellowship appear as units – it’s a little strange watching a cave troll being hacked to pieces by an entire platoon of Gimlis – though some, like Aragorn, function as generals. Ents, great eagles, and the Ring Wraith’s fell beasts also appear as units, alongside a huge roster of reskinned warriors and archers, like the Uruk-Hai and the gigantic Oliphaunts. Essentially, this is the comprehensive Lord of the Rings mod for Total War, a complete transformation of the game with everything RTS and Tolkien fans might want. It’s available now at Mod DB (it’s a bit hefty, requiring two separate downloads) alongside some simple installation instructions.

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