The best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods

These Warhammer 3 mods will take your Total Warhammer experience to a whole new level while we wait for official DLC and content updates

An undead giant monk, from best Warhammer 3 mod Dead of the Orient

Want some awesome Total War: Warhammer 3 mods? This fantasy strategy game has only been out for a few months now, and the veteran Total War mod scene has already hit the ground running. There’s already some excellent player-created content available on the Steam Workshop, and more is bound to show up the older Warhammer 3 gets.

The current pool of Warhammer 3 mods covers ranges from total overhauls, to introducing new units and lore from the wider Warhammer Fantasy universe. Warhammer 3 is already one of the best Warhammer games, and this selection of top mods is only makes it better. We’ve got to entertain ourselves somehow while we wait for Immortal Empires and the Champions of Chaos expansion, after all.

The best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods are:

  • SFO: Grimhammer III Land of Wealth
  • Toggle Realms of Chaos
  • Victory Conditions Overhaul
  • Dead of the Orient
  • Daniel Painter
  • Legendary Lore
  • Radious Total War Mod
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SFO: Grimhammer III Land of Wealth

SFO: Grimhammer II was one of the most popular Warhammer 2 mods, and the same development team has returned to put its mark on Warhammer 3. The goal of every iteration of Grimhammer is to overhaul every aspect of Total War: Warhammer and bring it closer to the lore that Games Workshop created, usually through new units, more events, and more detailed mechanics.

Progress on SFO Grimhamer III is continuing nicely, with the late summer update due to finish off the rest of the planned campaign reworks. The modders also want to start bringing over popular features from SFO II. New units aren’t due to appear until later in the year, so don’t expect anything brand-new just yet.

The logo for Warhammer 3 mod Toggle Chaos Realms

Toggle Realms of Chaos

The main Warhammer 3 Realms of Chaos campaign is pretty good, but sometimes dealing with the central narrative can be a chore as Ursun’s Roar and the rifts can be quite disruptive. Toggle Realms of Chaos is a simple mod with a simple purpose: no more Realms of Chaos.

The mod adds a toggle which you can use to disable Ursun’s Roar and the Chaos Rifts, cutting off the Realms of Chaos area of the campaign map. This allows you to enjoy a rift-free Warhammer sandbox experience, just as Sigmar intended.

Victory Conditions Overhaul

While this mod doesn’t do anything about the Realm of Chaos or the rifts, it does overhaul the overall victory conditions for all major factions. The creator believes the vanilla victory conditions could be better, so they have come up with their own take. Each faction gets three ‘routes’ it can pursue, each one designed to last no more than ~70 turns – the same length as the original ‘short’ campaign objectives.

Campaign length is now determined by how many routes you choose to pursue – attempting to tackle all three routes is the equivalent of a long campaign. Completing a route bestows opinion, economic, and other buffs on your empire to help with momentum. This mod is only compatible with single-player, and you will need to start a new campaign. And you don’t need to worry, Victory Conditions Overhaul is compatible with nearly every mod, including SFO III.

An undead warrior from Warhammer 3 mod Dead of the Orient

Dead of the Orient

The Vampire Coast isn’t the only source of zombies in the Warhammer world. Cathay has its own blend of undead denizens as well, and while not official, Dead of the Orient attempts to bring some of that zombified Cathayan flair to Warhammer 3 by introducing new undead units to Grand Cathay’s roster.

From the resurrected peasants known as Unearthed Labourers, to the elite zombie warriors of the Forbidden legion, there are six recruitable units via the new Occult Department building chain. The recruitment costs for these units are low, but the upkeep is quite high, meaning they’re good to summon in a pinch but not great to keep around in a standing army.

A picture of the Daemon Prince customisation screen from Warhammer 3 mod Daniel Painter

Daniel Painter – Paint your Daemon Prince

Look, we all love Daniel. The customisable Daemon Prince is one of the crown jewels of Warhammer 3, a being of demonic power that you can tailor to your playstyle and whims. With this Warhammer 3 mod, you can add a primary, and secondary skin colour, to further add to Daniel’s greatness. All hail Daniel.

Several even text snippets from Warhammer 3 mod Legendary Lore

Legendary Lore

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Warhammer Fantasy universe, but don’t really need that to translate into new or ‘authentic’ game mechanics, then this may be the mod for you. Legendary Lore simply adds a bunch of triggered text events. For example, text events can trigger whenever a legendary lord goes to a place that was important to them in the lore.

This ethos extends to the landmarks you build, and even the units you recruit, all taken from army books and other official Warhammer sources. You can even trigger ‘duel’ events if you defeat a legendary lord with another legendary lord, adding a lot more flavour to every aspect of Warhammer 3.

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Radious Total War mod

Team Radious is one of the most famous mod teams in the Total War pantheon, but its most iconic work tends to be for the historical Total War games. Now it’s invaded Warhammer 3 with its infamous brand of overhauls. Expect changes to everything – from units, to campaign mechanics, visual effects, scripting, and even a wide range of sub-mods to tailor the experience.

There are already 502 (exactly) new units introduced via the current version of the mod, including content for Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2 races. You can be sure all this will be expertly adapted to Immortal Empires when that new mode drops in August.

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That’s everything you need to know about the best Warhammer 3 mods. For more Total Warhammer, check out everything we know about the Warhammer 3 DLC released so far. We have lists of other great grand strategy games and RTS games as well, depending on which aspect of Total War you like most.