Active support for Total War: Rome Remastered also ends with final big patch

Patch 2.0.4 is big, but it's also going to be the last "planned" patch for the historical strategy game

It seems Creative Assembly is cleaning house ahead of the big Warhammer III push next year. Yesterday we learned that proactive support for Total War Saga: Troy will end with the upcoming new DLC and patch. Today the company announced that partner studio Feral Interactive – the developers of Total War: Rome Remastered – has released a beta for the final “planned” major update for the strategy game.

The 2.0.4 update is quite big, with lots of UI fixes and quality-of-life improvements. The most exciting changes are the ones that look to further improve modding. The hardcoded faction limit has now been removed, meaning there is no cap on the amount of custom factions that can be added to the game.

There is also now support for more than one ‘super’ faction. Currently, the three playable Roman factions and the non-playable Senate are the only examples of such a grouping, and all super factions can now have more than three members. Removing the hard cap on faction limits is something the community has been asking for for over a decade now.

In the past, popular mods for the original Rome: Total War such as Roma Surrectum had to work around the limit by creating sub-mods that let you tailor which factions you wanted to see in the game, something that’s now no longer nessecary.

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The improvements don’t stop there, either. There’s now better support for emergent factions which at release had some fun, but very imbalanced starting setups. There’s also the ability to add more custom unit models into the game, and even name lists are more flexible now.

All in all, it seems Feral Interactive wants Total War: Rome Remastered to go out with a bang, with as many tools and functionality being made available to modders as possible. The mod scene is often credited as what kept the original game popular for so long, so perhaps there’s a desire to see something similar happen here.

As Creative Assembly confirmed with Total War Saga: Troy, Feral is committed to providing additional ad-hoc support for Rome Remastered. “We will continue to support the game with minor stability and compatibility patches as required,” the patch notes explain.

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At the time of writing, there’s no timetable as to when the 2.0.4 patch will move out of beta and into full release. Details on how you can opt-in are contained within the patch notes.