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Here’s every Anglo-Saxon unit in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Seaxe axeman total war saga: thrones of britannia

Last week, Creative Assembly offered a look at the Anglo-Saxon leaders available in the first Total War Saga, Thrones of Britannia. Now they’re back with a full list of the units available to the two Anglo-Saxon factions: West Seaxe and Mierce.

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Most of the units are available to both factions, but a handful are exclusive to one or the other, as indicated below. Many units can be upgraded through technology research, leading to upgrades in the mid- and late-game over those available at the start.

West Seaxe & Mierce

General’s Bodyguard:

  • Royal Companions
    • Late: Royal Bodyguard

Sword and Axe Infantry:

  • Ceorl Acemen
    • Mid: Fyrd Axemen
  • Long Axemen
    • Late: Mailed Long Axemen
  • Seax Warriors
    • Late: Mailed Seaxes
  • Thegns
    • Middle: Earl’s Thegns
    • Late: Mailed Thegns
  • Royal Thegns
    • Late: Royal Huscarls

Spear Infantry:

  • Ceorl Spearmen
    • Mid: Fyrd Spearmen
    • Late: Militia Fyrd Spearmen
  • Thegn Spearmen
    • Mid: Earl’s Spearmen
    • Late: Mailed Spearmen

Missile Infantry:

  • Ceorl Archers
    • Mid: Fyrd Archers
    • Late: Militia Fyrd Archers
  • Ceorl Javelinmen
    • Mid: Fyrd Javelinmen


  • Scout Horsemen
  • Thegn Horsemen
    • Mid: Earl’s Horsemen
    • Late: Mailed Horsemen


  • Catapult

West Seaxe


  • Select Fyrd Spearmen
    • Mid: Select Militia Spearmen

Missile Infantry:

  • Select Fyrd Archers



  • Marcher Fyrd Spearmen
    • Mid: Marcher Militia Spearmen
    • Late: Marcher Mailed Spearmen