Get your Warhammer 3 Kislev fix early with this Total Warhammer 2 mod

Total War: Warhammer 2 fans – you’ll surely have heard the exciting news that there’s a Total Warhammer 3 on the way by now. Creative Assembly has finally announced the upcoming PC game with a very metal trailer, and so we’ve got an idea of what’s coming with Total Warhammer 3, from Cathay to Kislev. Speaking of which, you can get a taste of the latter early, thanks to a Total Warhammer 2 mod that helps bring a big slice of the frosty kingdom to your game.

“Kislev Reborn – SFO (Updated)” is a new sub-mod by creators Flamboyant Schemer61 and Saebbi which aims to make an existing (and highly popular) “Expanded Roster: Kislev Reborn” mod balanced with a (likewise, very popular) total overhaul mod called SFO: Grimhammer II.

The former is described as an “ambitious project [that] aims to complete and expand the official Kislev lore”, which includes “tons of content, including custom models, abilities, technologies, skills, and spells”. The latter is a “whole game mod that changes every aspect of the TW: WH II to be closer to the lore and Warhammer universe”. Naturally, plenty of fans would be excited to have these two impressive community creations running alongside each other seamlessly.

That’s where the new sub-mod comes in. An update to an older version, the new Kislev Reborn – SFO mod “makes Expanded Roster – Kislev mods’ units’ stats balanced with SFO (upkeeps, multiplayer costs, and recruitment cost are also balanced),” as its creators explain in the original’s description. It also “adds new upkeep changes to single entities and characters, balance for the new lores, building effects, and garrisons for Kislev!”

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So, in effect this new, updated sub-mod doesn’t add much Kislev content as such, but does make the experience of playing the hugely impressive, fan-made Kislev race – one of the Total Warhammer 3 races revealed in its announcement trailer – balanced and a lot of fun to play as part of a lore-focussed total overhaul mod. Which is awesome.

Fans of the mod are already pretty excited, with a bunch of replies calling it a great mod, “awesome!”, and thanking the creators for their work. One even says they may or may not have squeaked when they saw the updated mod. Lovely stuff. Saebbi has also said that feedback on balance is welcomed, and from the comments posted so far, it looks like some has already been worked into the sub-mod.

You can grab the ER: Kislev Reborn – SFO (Updated) mod here if you’re keen to bring the might of Kislev to Warhammer 2 ahead of the Total Warhammer 3 release date – just bear in mind the modders’ instructions and requirements, and, as ever, mod with caution!