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Total Warhammer fans are enthusiastically dissecting Warhammer 3’s campaign map

We've had our first glimpse at the strategy game's campaign map

Last week we got treated to the announcement (and confirmation) of the Ogre Kingdoms as Total War: Warhammer III’s pre-order incentive, as well as a new firm release date. What also got announced at the same time were two physical editions for the game – the ‘Day One’ and the ‘Limited’ editions – the details of which you can find out on the strategy game’s updated FAQ.

The physical editions themselves are not what we’re interested in though, it’s what comes with them – namely, both editions come with a printed version of Total War: Warhammer III’s campaign map, giving us our first official glimpse as to what the game’s strategic playgroundc is going to look like. As you can imagine, this has Total War fans quite excited.

As we only have the promo images for the physical editions as a source, part of the campaign map is obscured by other features, but that hasn’t stopped people from attempting to fill in the blanks. This is made easier as it seems that Warhammer III’s campaign map will feature elements of the Warhammer The Old World from the first game’s map, namely the northern parts of the Empire, as well as the Chaos Wastes and the area around Kislev.

This has then been expanded north and east to take into account the Mountains of Mourn – where the Ogre Kingdoms live – and the western and northern parts of Cathay. We also can see where the realms of Chaos will sit on the campaign map in relation to everything else.

If you’ve been following the discourse around what Warhammer III’s campaign map might look like, what we’ve seen so far may seem initially confusing, but several community members have stepped in to try and explain the orientation. Youtuber Cody Bonds talks about it during a video looking at everything announced last week, with the relevant section starting around the six minute mark:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can also look at this rough illustration on the Total War subreddit, that approximates the campaign map area from each game using an official Warhammer Fantasy tabletop world map as a base:

Globe map updated with Warhammer 3 map (as best I can estimate) from totalwar

Creative Assembly has confirmed that the Warhammer III campaign map will be twice the size of Warhammer II’s Vortex campaign map, although we have no idea what the new combined map will look like as naturally that will need to trim down areas and province sizes to fit the entire Warhammer world in one playable space.

Community manager Simone Parenti has also essentially confirmed that what we see in the special edition’s map is more or less the extent of the game’s campaign map, saying that “some tiny bits are hidden”.

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Total War: Warhammer III will release for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, and day one for Game Pass for PC on February 17, 2022.