Total Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires open beta set for fall 2022

Immortal Empires combines all three Total Warhammer maps into one massive mode, and it'll be available in open beta sometime this fall

A general surveys the field in the Total War: Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires trailer

Creative Assembly announced during Skulls Showcase 2022 that the Total War: Warhammer III Immortal Empires open beta is still slated for a Q3 2022 release date. That’s sometime between July and September on Creative Assembly’s calendar, and the development team promised more news closer to launch. The new mode will launch alongside the strategy game‘s 2.0 update, and while the team is still keeping quiet about specific release dates for now, we did get to see a new Immortal Empires trailer.

Total Warhammer III Immortal Empires combines maps and factions from all three Total Warhammer games into one gargantuan campaign. Before you start dreaming of clashes between the warriors of Kislev and the Vampire Coast’s legions, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. You’ll need to actually own all three games to get the full benefits from Immortal Empires, and they need to be on the same storefront – Epic Games or Steam.

Don’t expect peak performance or full features when the beta launches later in 2022, though, and possibly not for a while after.

In Total Warhammer III’s 2022 roadmap, Creative Assembly said the beta’s first phase will focus on balancing races and maps, and the team plans to update the mode over the course of several years. This testing phase could last for several months or longer, but Creative Assembly said it gives players the opportunity to help shape the mode and create something unique alongside the team.

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There’s still quite a bit more headed to Total War: Warhammer III with Immortal Empires. The 2.0 update will introduce the game’s first DLC, Lord Pack 1, adding Lords, Heroes, and more to campaign and multiplayer modes. It also features Warhammer III’s first Old World Update, which brings legacy races from the first two games up to date with Warhammer 3 standards.

It’s an impressive array of new content for what we already consider one of the best Warhammer games, and it won’t even end there. Creative Assembly promised even more support into 2023 and beyond. If you don’t feel like waiting for new updates to spruce up your game, check out our collection of the best Total Warhammer III mods to add a fresh twist to your strategies.