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Total War Warhammer 3 ranged attacks get big “projectiles 2.0” upgrade

Total War Warhammer 3 patch 4.1.0 brings some big upgrades to players, from a skill point reset feature to projectile and siege reworks.

Total War Warhammer 3 patch 4.1.0 brings projectiles 2.0 - Zhatan the Black, a dwarf with a large beard in the Creative Assembly strategy game.

Total War Warhammer 3 patch 4.1.0 is here, and developer Creative Assembly has a wealth of upgrades and improvements for you to enjoy. Among the patch notes of this hefty Total War Warhammer 3 update, the first major patch since 4.0 and the Shadows of Change DLC, are a big rework for settlement and siege battles, the ability to fully reset a character’s skill points, and a big ranged buff courtesy of the new ‘projectiles 2.0’ overhaul.

First up on the list is a very welcome quality-of-life improvement for one of the best strategy games on PC. You’ll now have the ability to reset skill points in Total War Warhammer 3, allowing you to quickly adapt your tactics to suit a campaign that might have progressed in a direction you didn’t initially anticipate. The character will be wounded for three turns when activated, and then afterwards will be given a full skill redistribution to your specifications.

Any time a feature gets its own patch number, you know it’s a big one – and here comes Total War Warhammer 3’s projectile homing 2.0 to deliver. This is a refactoring of how the game handles the homing behavior on projectiles, which CA says “makes them significantly more reliable, and opens up space to create a variety of low and high power homing profiles.” It adds, “We’ve unlocked the power to create truly frightening cruise missiles.”

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The practical result of this is that a lot of projectiles – both those from units and abilities – will in most cases be much more aggressive in pursuing your enemies successfully. The team says it’s rebalanced some of the biggest winners to ensure they don’t get too much stronger, but says, “on average expect homing projectiles to be more effective at hitting the mark in general.”

Also seeing a big overhaul in patch 4.1.0 are settlement battles and sieges. Capture points have been linked, meaning that you’ll now need to control key buildings elsewhere in order to hold the major capture locations of a settlement. This is designed to prevent stealthy units, such as stalkers, from being able to capture a major location covertly, forcing defending armies to fall back to their major capture points, although those stealth options should still be useful to split your attack across multiple fronts to divide and conquer.

Sneaking around settlements will be tougher though; new settlement towers can grant vision of nearby stalkers, so attackers will need to disable or destroy these in order to get free reign around town. Along with this, building health and the damage attacking weapons deal to said buildings has been rebalanced, with the goal of making defensive structures more sturdy rather than having them fall in an instant under pressure.

Total War Warhammer 3 patch 4.1.0 - Linked capture points, a new feature in settlement battles during the Creative Assembly strategy game.

Total War Warhammer 3 patch 4.1.0 is out now. The full Total War Warhammer 3 patch notes for the 4.1.0 update can be studied via the official Total War site, featuring other smaller tweaks such as improved behavior when a group knocks down a standalone enemy unit. There’s also a huge raft of balance changes, bug fixes, improvements, and even 19 classic main menu themes from the first two Total War Warhammer games.

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