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Falling prices, shogunates, and samurai in Total War Steam sale


The Total War Steam sale ends tomorrow, but the time to buy is now: Shogun 2 and its extraordinary standalone expansion, Fall of the Samurai, are on sale for $7.50 apiece. They will make excellent purchases to go with the news that Creative Assembly have just announced Steam Workshop support for the game. All DLC is on sale at a hefty discount, too.

The rest of the Total War series is discounted as well, but the Shogun games are the real prize here. Between Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai, you’ve got classic Total War pre-gunpowder warfare and a really good early-modern campaign featuring long-range artillery, steamships, and even Gatling guns.

If you can only get one, however, you might find more longevity with Shogun 2 thanks to its robust modding community. If vanilla campaigns are more your interest, I might give the nod to Fall of the Samurai. But really, you cannot go wrong with either one of these excellent strategy games.