Tower of Fantasy bug takes your Rebirth of Clemency tokens

A Tower of Fantasy bug in the Rebirth of Clemency event sees the Nemesis banner disappear and all player's Flame Gold tokens converted back to Black

Tower of Fantasy bug takes your Rebirth of Clemency tokens. A character with long blonde hair from Tower of Fantasy stands with her back to the player

A Tower of Fantasy bug in the Rebirth of Clemency event has made the Nemeis banner disappear without notice, and players’ special Flame Gold tokens convert back to generic Black tokens, as fans of the MMORPG try to grind towards pulling the SSR Nemesis.

Usually, with events like this, any unspent event-specific currency would be converted to Black Gold once the whole thing was over. So in this case, if you hadn’t managed to save up enough Flame Gold to unlock the Nemesis SSR, you’d still have something to show for your efforts when it was converted to Black Gold at the end.

Weirdly, though, when players logged into their accounts today, any mention of the Nemesis banner was gone, and any Flame Gold they have saved up had disappeared, being replaced by Black Gold. This has resulted in confusion and anger by the community, with some players being tantalizingly close to getting a chance of unlocking the ultra-rare Nemesis SSR.

Thankfully, Perfect World, the developer behind the popular Gatcha MMO today has released a statement that outlines the compensation package for the affected players, saying “all wanderers” will receive 500 Dark Crystals, while players whose Flame Gold and Overclocking chips have been converted back to Black Golds and Base chiops will receive an additional 300 Dark Crytsals.

Perfect World assures that the compensation will be in players’ inboxes within five working days. The banner is now back online and any progress made towards the pity rewards should be the same as before. Any currency that was previously converted will be reverted but at its current value.

Is that enough? Maybe. It’s good to know that you can get back on your grind for that Nemesis SSR. For tips on keeping ahead of the power curve check out how to level up in Tower of Fantasy, or for those just beginning their journey, these Tower of Fantasy codes will give you the best head start you could hope for.