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Tower of Fantasy map - locations, markers, and how to unlock

You’ll want to know how to negotiate the expansive Tower of Fantasy map if you don’t want to get lost in the massive open-world game

Want to know more about the massive Tower of Fantasy map? No doubt, as this stunning free MMORPG starts you off in the mysterious – and large – open-world of Aesperia. As you further your journey through this fantasy world, you eventually unlock Hykros and Vera as well, but there’s enough to keep you busy in Aesperia alone.

When you first start exploring, your minimap appears vague and blurry. Not only can you unlock a clearer world map if you know where to look, but there are also some spectacular, fan-made interactive maps at your fingertips, too. These combined can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about Aesperia and Vera, including where to find Omnium Towers, Spacerifts, Puzzles, Minerals, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy map.

Unlock the Tower of Fantasy map

First off, you’ll need to know how to unlock Tower of Fantasy map regions. When you first start playing in Astra, you’ll only have access to a vague minimap, and will need to venture to your first Omnium Tower to gain access to that region’s full, clear map. Like reaching a high vantage point to survey the land around you (“Everything the light touches is our Kingdom, Wanderer”), reaching the top of an Omnium Tower reveals the nearby area, with the first being the Astra Omnium Tower.

Tower of Fantasy map: Omnium Tower locations

Aesperia’s Omnium Towers:
1. Navia Omnium Tower
2. Warren Omnium Tower
3. Banges Omnium Tower
4. Crown Omnium Tower
5. Astra Omnium Tower

Thankfully, the Tower of Fantasy tutorials are pretty extensive, so you’ll find Aesperia’s first Omnium Tower by simply doing as you’re told. Once you reach the top, the area of Astra will be unlocked on your main map, and you’ll be able to see the full island. To access other areas of the wider Aesperia map, simply reach the peak of the other four Omnium Towers. On your unlocked main map, you’ll see markers for the Omnium Towers, Shelters, Spacerifts, and more.

Tower of Fantasy map markers

Tower of Fantasy map markers

1. Spacerift
2. Ruin
3. Training Facility
4. Omnium Tower
5. Stronghold

Tower of Fantasy map: Unlock Hykros

From your main map menu, you’ll be able to see two regions: Aesperia and Vera. While Aesperia is the first you will explore, and Vera remains locked until a later update, you will also notice Hykros. To reach Hykros, you must first complete the Anomaly at the Omnium Tower main quest.

Tower of Fantasy map: Aesperia, Hykros, and Vera

Interactive maps

Genshin Impact’s own interactive map has helped many Travellers find their way around Teyvat, and help others in the process, so it’s no wonder hard-working fans have already started building interactive maps for Tower of Fantasy. One of the easiest to navigate is this one, built in the same way as the Genshin Impact map, so if you’re familiar with the latter, then it will already feel familiar.

Not only does this interactive map help you to locate points of interest, it can lead you to items, such as Gold and Black Nuclei, Crystals, Cores and recipe ingredients, which your in-game map does not. There is also a useful community feature, allowing you to share images of your finds, or look at those others have shared, in case something is particularly tricky to uncover.

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With this in mind, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble navigating the massive open-world of Tower of Fantasy, and mastering your new life as a Wanderer. Given the size of the sandbox world, you might also be keen to find out which Tower of Fantasy vehicles you can obtain to get you to your location quicker. If there is anything Genshin Impact is missing, it’s definitely motorbikes.