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Transformers Universe Founders program announced; splash out on a robot figurine

Transformers Universe Founders program

Transformers Universe might be a free-to-play MOBA, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dump a big wad of cash on it before it’s left closed beta. Today Jagex announced the Founders program, something that most F2P thingymabobs seem to be doing these days. 

By splashing out on one of four Founders packs, Autobot and Decepticon commanders will get premium membership, currency, extra bots and, if you spend almost £300, a 50cm tall figurine. It’s not even a robot in disguise. 

The base Founder pack, Bronze, nets players £20 worth of relics and a 60 day combo season pass. No idea what either of those things are? You and me both. A quick investigation has enlightened me now though. Relic is just the game’s obtuse name for currency, and the combo season pass offers a new bot and consumable each month, a buff to experience gain and a store discount. That’s for £29.99.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Cybernite pack. That offers a year-long combo season pass, £125 worth of relics, 6 early access transformers, 18 warriors at launch, the figurine and assorted stuff like 120 mining probes and 400 repair packs. That’s a lot, and it should be. It costs £299. It’s valued at £480.

Any of this tempting you? Steve got a hands-off look at the game last month – because press are banned from playing, as nobody loves us – and thought it had some tactical flair, but wasn’t very ambitious.

“[W]hile Jagex’s hands-off presentation showed a tactical game with plenty of flair, first impressions are of a browser game that’s limited in its ambition: air vehicles are notable by their absence, the Transformers themselves look teensy, like plastic toys stomping around a Legoland village, and landscapes are Unity-engine generated splodges of smoothed out hills and valleys.”