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The best FPS game in years launched in 2023, but nobody played it

The best FPS since Doom 2016, and a spiritual return of FEAR, one of the greatest shooters in years has basically no players on Steam.

Starfield. Baldur’s Gate 3. Diablo 4. 2023 was certainly a busy year, and I’d imagine everyone’s ‘to-play’ lists are still pretty long right now. But what if I told you that one of the best FPS games of the last decade, and in fact the best FPS since the mighty Doom 2016, was available right now, having launched last June? What if I told you it felt like a modern, hyper-slick version of FEAR, complete with dual wielding, slow motion, and veritable reservoirs of blood? And what if I told you it was on sale for $20? Sounds like the kind of game that everyone should be raving about. But one of the best shooters in recent memory somehow has almost no players on Steam.

Trepang2 is exceptional. I mean, it’s just fantastic. Loud, terrifying, and brutal, it’s astonishing that the core team behind Trepang2 comprises just four people. This looks, feels, and sounds like a big-budget triple-A FPS game, but it has the personality and pared-back purity of a closely auteured indie. You play the silent and mysterious Subject 106, a frighteningly powerful super soldier on a mission to hunt down enemies of your malevolent benefactor, Task Force 27. Released from captivity, you’re sent on a series of increasingly bizarre assassination missions around the world. What follows is a cross between Doom, FEAR, The Backrooms, and using two SPAS-12 shotguns at the same time.

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I can’t make it clearer – the audio in Trepang2 is incredible. Between the echoing, glass-shattering reports of the guns (I dare you to fire the SMG on full auto) and the frantic, sweary dialogue of the enemies, every battle in Trepang2 leaves you breathless, shaken, and feeling like you’ve just survived the end of the world. There are loads of cheats to unlock, additional challenges to complete, and some seriously inventive horror moments. Trepang2, by rights, should be one of the most popular games in the world right now.

Nevertheless, as of this writing, only 151 people are playing Trepang2 on Steam. Even at its all-time peak, Trepang2 managed to draw just 1,911 players on Valve’s platform. Hopefully it’s pulled in a bigger audience elsewhere, but frankly, Trepang2 deserves a lot more attention. If you want to play it, Trepang2 is available at a 33% discount right now. Do yourself a favor and get Trepang2 as soon as possible.

Trepang2 Steam FPS game: The Trepang2 Steam player figures for the FPS game

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