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Destiny 2 and Halo have a new rival as Tribes 3 finally arrives

A sci-fi, movement-driven FPS game, Tribes 3 feels like a solid mix of Destiny 2 and Halo, and it’s finally arrived in Early Access.

Tribes 3 Steam Early Access release: A soldier from new FPS game Tribes 3 Rivals

At its best, Tribes 3 resembles the classic days of Halo 2 or Halo 3 multiplayer. A smartly designed, sci-fi FPS that encourages tactics, navigation, and flat-out brawn. With a colorful visual style reminiscent of Destiny 2, and plenty of tools like jetpacks, customizable classes, and even skis, Tribes 3 Rivals has been a long time coming. Now, it’s finally arrived on Steam, where it’s already accumulated some very positive notices from players.

Tribes 3 feels like FPS game history coming full circle. If the original shooters by Dynamix helped ratify and pioneer the competitive sci-fi shooter, the likes of Halo and Destiny have kept that particular fire burning during the series’ now 12-year absence. Beautiful environments, swift, varied movement, and classic capture-the-flag gameplay make Tribes 3 feel like a loving throwback to a simpler era of online FPS. At the same time, it’s superlatively well produced and modern-looking, and the perfect antidote for some of its peers which have arguably become bogged down in updates, balancing, and exploits.

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Available now via Steam Early Access, Tribes 3 has already accrued a ‘very positive’ rating on Valve’s platform based on player feedback. It’s also available at a slightly reduced rate, to mark the launch, so you can pick it up with a 10% discount for $17.99 / £15.07. Just head right here.

Vivid, fast, and with a different definition of movement-based shooter, where grace and imagination are more important than sweaty sliding and jump-proning, Tribes 3 is a welcome remedy to some of the recent crop of online FPS games. It has a lot of competition, but if we’re all looking for a change from the usual, Tribes 3 deserves to be played.

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