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New Steam game is Vampire Survivors, but with three times the chaos

If you want some more Vampire Survivors like action in your life, Trinity Survivors is exactly that but with three characters to combine.

Trinity Survivors Steam: a crow in a purple hood with lightening around them

If you’ve been clamoring for a brand new Vampire Survivors-like game with a twist, how about one that lets you control three characters at once? This is the elevator pitch for Trinity Survivors, a new roguelike shoot-’em-up that’s out today in Steam Early Access. With co-op available today and lots planned for the future, it’s sure to keep you busy.

Trinity Survivors lets you pair together three characters and use them in tandem for your enemy-blasting action, with each having a different leader skill that you can mix and match in the roguelike game depending on what characters you pick.

There’s an endless number of challenges to take on, and beating them nets you rewards, upgrades, and opportunities for new characters to further enhance your play style. Perhaps you combine characters with melee, ranged, and AoE abilities to give you a breadth of attacks, or maybe you get three melee-focused characters and go for an all-out brawl build? The choice is yours.

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You can even play Trinity Survivors with a friend in two-player co-op at launch (which luckily doesn’t have any friendly fire), while the early access plans include expanding the core features of the game and extra content further down the line.

Trinity Survivors is out today on Steam, Wednesday, January 30. You can learn more about the new game right here.

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