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Tropico 5 arrives on May 23rd, so start saving up to buy your first election now

Tropico 5 launches May 23rd

Tropico 5 is out now; here’s our Topico 5 review.

El Presidente’s reign over the banana republic of Tropico is about to begin, again. Tropico 5, which adds a dynasty, 200 years of dictatorship shenanigans and multiplayer to the tried and tested formula, is due out on May 23rd. 

On top of the standard PC and Mac versions, Kalypso is also working on a Steam OS edition which will release when Steam Machines appear. 

You can take a gander at the shiny new website where people say nice things about the game.

There’s yet to be a Tropico I haven’t enjoyed, so I’m already dusting off my Castro-style patrol cap and planning some terrible, freedom-crushing edicts to ensure that Tropicans are hardworking, safe and protected from evil American propaganda.