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Trove’s Rise of the Shadow Tower Update is live


Free-to-play, voxel-based MMO Trove just got a new update that tasks you with climbing the Shadow Tower and fighting the ancient evil at its peak. Trove’s worlds are already infinite, each one disappearing as the last player leaves it behind, but this update adds a whole new challenge for players to overcome. 

“Jealous of the luminous Sun Goddess, the Moon Goddess fuels the forces of darkness with her hatred and fear,” says the blog post. “The emboldened Shadow has taken refuge in the Shadow Tower, and threatens to spread, once again, across the realms.”

The idea is to fight your way to the top of the tower and take down the Daughter of the Moon, who’s apparently quite tough. There will also be a bunch of new enemies andThe Shadow Hydra, a powerful boss created by a Trove player, FriedSushi, and voted on by the community.

To fight these enemies, the update comes with a new class called the Lunar Lancer. This class fights with a spear, grapples around arenas and buffs allies.

Trion Worlds have also tweaked the way Challenges work, added a bald head option for Trovians, added new Legendary Tomes that can be powered up, added new player creations and more. The full patch notes can be found here.

Here’s the launch trailer: