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Twitch bans Faze Clan streamer after Tfue alleges Fortnite World Cup hopeful is underage

Twitch has banned H1ghSky1's channel, so users will get an error if they try to access it

The ripple effect from Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s ongoing lawsuit against his former employer Faze Clan seems to continue. Twitch has now banned Faze Clan member and Fortnite streamer H1ghSky1, while speculation about his age continues to circulate.

In his lawsuit Tenney alleges that the young streamer was only 11 when hired by the professional esports organisation, contradicting reports that the player is 13. That could possibly link to the streaming platform’s decision, as 13 is the minimum age for using Twitch, according to its terms of service. The platform removed H1ghSky1’s channel on June 4, meaning that users will now get an error message if they try to access it.

The reason for the platform’s decision is not confirmed, and it is not clear whether it is a permanent or temporary takedown, but it follows claims in Tenney’s lawsuit that “upon information and belief, Faze Clan has not only lied about the minor’s age, but has also pressured the minor and his family to do so”.

According to Upcomer, some evidence recently surfaced that may corroborate Tenney’s allegations, suggesting that H1ghSky1 is 12 years old at the time of writing. If true, his age will mean he won’t be able to qualify for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, as players must also be 13 years old to be eligible.

This follows Tfue’s ongoing legal dispute with Faze Clan over an “oppressive contract” and speculation about whether he was breaking away from them in order to start his own esports organisation, which he flatly denied last week. He also previously said that he was “serving justice to the esports community” in shedding light on some organisations’ practices.

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We’ve reached out to Twitch for a comment on H1ghSky1’s ban, and we will provide an update when we hear back.