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Two Point Hospital is back in new Campus expansion

The new Two Point Campus Medical School DLC brings back the studio’s debut game as your favorite Two Point Hospital illnesses return for your students to study.

Two Point Campus Medical School - three people in hospital outfits.

New Two Point Campus DLC Medical School turns one of the best management games into the perfect prequel for its predecessor. Harkening back to developer Two Point Studios’ previous game, Two Point Hospital, this Two Point Campus expansion sees you training the doctors of the future to deal with all of your favorite weird and wonderful ailments.

The original Two Point Hospital was a throwback to the 1997 Theme Hospital, and was made by several former members of the Bullfrog Productions team who made that original game. It’s a wonderful spiritual successor that modernizes the genre while still keeping that core feel you remember from back in the day, and the team then went on to create its education-focused Two Point Campus.

Now, we’ve come full circle. In Medical School, you’ll be training those doctors and nurses, which will involve plenty of working on the job to get used to diagnosing and treating all the various illnesses and afflictions you’ll be familiar with from Two Point Hospital.

That means tons of new toys to play around with – along with the two new student types, there are six new rooms, and over 60 different items that your budding practitioners will have to get to grips with as they train to become the best in their field.

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Two Point Campus Medical School release date

Two Point Campus Medical School releases Thursday August 17, 2023. It’ll be available on PC via Steam and the Xbox app, alongside console releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The base game and its previous expansions are also currently on sale, making now a perfect time to jump in and get started.

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