If you’re excited about Tyranny, this new dev diary will only fuel your fire


If you’re excited about Tyranny, the above video is a fascinating look inside Obsidian’s creative process, showing how they built this wartorn, oppressed landscape through music, character design, environments and handcrafted animations. 

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Tyranny is more stylised than Obsidian’s previous work. The idea is to use this exaggerated design to add levity to a world that’s actually rotten at the core.

The music performs the same job, with beautiful melodies sitting besides harsh, menacing violin notes.

When it comes to character animations, the team worked with the writers to make sure their mannerisms fit, using the real world for reference and sometimes even acting out the movements themselves, before translating them to the game. They felt like this hand-crafted animation method fit the world better than motion capture.

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